Tip #1: Air Dry Your Dishes

Air drying your dishes instead of letting your dish washer dry them is a great way to reduce energy costs. To do this just turn off the dry cycle or open the door after your rinse cycle is finished. By doing this you are looking at a 15-50% reduction in energy usage on your dishwasher!

Tip #2: Reduce The Temperature Of Your Water Heater

Lower the thermostat on your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. You are looking at saving about $12-$30 per 10 degrees in reduction. It’s the little savings that add up!

Tip #3: Use Power Strips For All Electronics

Use power strips for all your electronics and then turn them off whenever they aren’t in use. This turns off the power to your electronics and reduces unnecessary energy usage.

Tip #4: Use Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Install Energy Star qualified CFL and LED bulbs. These type of light bulbs use 20-25% of the energy your normal incandescent bulbs use. Talk about savings!

Tip #5: Turn Off The Lights

Be sure to turn off the lights whenever you aren’t in the rooms. This is incredibly easy to do and is just a complete waste if you leave them on! Most of energy is lost to heat.

Tip #6: Seal Air Leaks

Check your home for any air leaks that you may have and seal those suckers up! Sealing up those pesky air leaks can result in almost 30% energy savings according to energy.gov.

Tip #7: Insulate Your Water Heater

Insulate your water heater for energy savings! You could reduce heat loss by 25-45% and then save about 4-9% in water heating costs. Be sure to talk with a professional before doing this though.

Tip #8: Microwave Leftovers

Using a microwave or toaster oven to warm leftovers instead of a conventional oven is another easy and great way to reduce your energy costs.

Tip #9: Use Your Curtains!

Use your curtains to allow sun in when you want to heat your home or close them when you want to keep it cool! This will reduce the energy you need to use with your air conditioning or heater.

Tip #10: Clean The Lint Out Of Your Dryer

Cleaning the lint out of your dryer regularly can improve its performance and reduce its energy usage! It also will help protect it from damages along the road.